Welcome to

Hotel al Fiore

Every holiday will be experienced as being made to measure.

That's why we the staff at Hotel Al Fiore are looking forward to taking care of you. We want to make you feel good, completely void of stress, and with a complete sensation of freedom. We will show you our love and our passion for hospitality.
At Hotel Al Fiore you can let yourself really have a break, and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of Lake Garda. You can choose among several possibilities: having fun at the amusement park, or in the silence of nature, discovering towns drenched in history and culture, experiencing the culinary delights of food and wine, or simply relaxing.
If, on the other hand, you choose us as a home base for your professional venturing, you will discover all the necessary technology for doing business, spaces to gather with other business people, and the comfort to relax and get charged up in order to carry on stronger than ever.