Restaurant Al Fiore


This is a story about tradition and about a family: here experience is handed down from generation to generation, because researching taste has something to do with genetics. Consequently, from the year 1961, when Maria used to call the shots, until present day, the kitchen has been the creative realm of Gianmaria, Maria's granddaughter. In the meantime, nothing has changed in offering the flavors of the territory, and in artisan savvy geared especially to pampering the pallets of their dear customers. Their involvement in cuisine makes peoples’ emotions come alive, in a timeless sensation, far from the scene of ephemeral trends. Their culinary delights make you remember the flavors that cover an entire lifetime, flavors created by products of local suppliers.  They too are a precious part of a world of traditional family pride and heritage: in the meantime there aren’t very many fishermen on Lake Garda, and those few heirs to tradition are the only suppliers who permit Gianmaria to still offer his customers “Pescetti Fritti” (little fried fish), just like grandma Maria used to do.
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